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Session Spray Flex
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Freuen Sie sich auf einen flexiblen, gut zu bändigenden Halt ohne Versteifen. Die besonders leichte Rezeptur wird nie blättrig. Für jede verkaufte Dose SESSION.SPRAY FLEX leisten wir einen finanziellen Beitrag an ein globales Projekt zur Reduzierung von Treibhausgasen.


  • Flake Free
  • Humidity resistance
  • Flexible
  • (Besonders) leicht
  • Fast-Drying
  • Frei von Sulfaten und Parabenen und nicht an Tieren getestet


SPRAY. STYLE.FLEX. Shake well and spray evenly on dry hair to create a flexible finish.


Memory Copolymers are used to selectively bind to regions of the hair to create a flexible and long lasting hold.

Also included is a blend of top performing extracts, known as an Elasticity Blend, that together help strengthen elasticity, smoothness and moisture of the hair. They include Olive Leaf Extract, Grape Seed Extract, and Green Tea Extract.

Kevins Tipps

Flexible, weightless and never flaky, this hardworking hair spray is the perfect finish for those seeking a lighter, lived in hold. Offering the same anti-humectant and anti-static properties of our beloved SESSION.SPRAY, this flash-drying formula is a quick fix for setting your style while being nearly undetectable in the hair. The final step for instantly flexible hold and long lasting style.

Sizes: 100mL, 337mL

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