”The Choices We Make involves the Choices that are related to Environment, Philanthropy, Diversity and Humanity. So now we want to shift the focus from The Choices that We Make to The Choices that You Make.” - Kevin Murphy

”The Choices We Make” is at the heart of KEVIN.MURPHY. Our choices are expressed through the ingredients we choose for our products, who we partner with and how we can make a difference, for the environment and for the people around us. People like you…

At KEVIN.MURPHY we want to know more about The Choices YOU Make. We are now launching our new KEVIN.MURPHY ICON AWARD.

Every 2 years we wish to highlight and celebrate the everyday heroes, The ICONs, that are making a difference in our industry and the world around us.

KEVIN.MURPHY ICON is not your typical stylist competition. It is an Award.
We know that each and every stylist in our salon network is great at doing hair, so we want to focus on those stylists that are also positively and actively impacting the environment, people’s lives and/or communities. These are the stories that we want to share.